The first step of every problem is figuring out what is wrong. This is pretty easy unless you are dealing with an underwater environment. Our divers are experienced at giving detailed inspections with a damage assessment that they feel is best to fix the problem. We can even give an inspection in zero visibility water. In water with visibility, we use a specialized closed-circuit camera with DVD or VHS recording capabilities. This allows the client to see what we see under the water, which gives a better understanding of the situation that is beneath water surface. The client is given a copy of this video recorded dive session to document problems.

Underwater Welding and Cutting

Under water welding works great for repairs of dock barges, pipelines, etc. The time and money saved from not having to dry dock a barge, or refraining from digging up a pipeline, make it a valuable skill our divers are proud to display. Along with welding, our divers are equipped with a specialized torch that burns in excess of 10,000 degrees underwater. This torch works great for demolition of sleuth gates, pipelines, sheet pile cofferdams, and just about any other metallic objects that are underwater.

Material Removal

Equipped with pumps, airlifts, jet blasters, and pressure blasters, we can decide what material removal process is best for you. Dewatering a facility to remove material can cost a significant amount of money. Shutting down a facility can be even worse! In most cases, we can work without having to do either.

We provide full-service for intakes and outfalls with 24-hour emergency cleanings for clogged intakes and outfalls. We can event work at potable water facilities that demand low turbidity levels. Here at Ohio Underwater Solutions, we have the experience to choose the best procedure that suites all of your needs.

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