Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you limit yourself to doing only working in Ohio?
A) We can travel wherever the job takes us, but we specialize in inland work. Most of our work is done in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.

Q) Are commercial diving services expensive?
A) Typically diving services don’t cost anymore than a regular construction crew.  Actually, in most cases it is much easier and cheaper to use divers than it is to dewater tanks and other structures.

Q) Can divers work in water with little to no visibility?
A) Since we are a company that focuses on inland diving we specialize in diving in water with limited visibility.

Q) Can you work in freezing temperatures?
A) Yes we can! During winter months we use specialized suits that allow the divers to stay warm even under ice water.

Q) What sort of equipment do you use to make working underwater easier?
A) We have a burning torch that will burn in excess of 10,000°F along with a welder for underwater work.

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